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How to allow (or not allow) employer-sponsored premium reimbursement for your company's Zane Plan

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This tutorial explains how a company can change their Zane Plan employer-sponsored premium reimbursement settings through the online Administrator account.  Follow these simple instructions to allow, or not allow, reimbursement of employer-sponsored premiums. (Note: This is only applicable if your Zane Plan allows reimbursement of health insurance premiums)

What are employer-sponsored premiums?

Employer-sponsored health insurance refers to any medical, dental or vision insurance obtained through an employer on behalf of its employees. Employer-sponsored health insurance may include medical, dental or vision coverage under plans such as:
  • Group health insurance
  • Retirement benefit plans
Typically, the employer will make a contribution towards the cost of the coverage for employees, while the employee’s portion will be deducted from their paycheck. The employee’s portion may be deducted pre-tax or post-tax. Participants whose spouse has an employer-sponsored premium may wish to submit this premium expense for tax-free reimbursement through their Zane Benefits plan. This will have certain tax implications if the spouse’s premium is deducted tax-free. 

For more information as to what this available option means for you and your participants, see: Employer-Sponsored Premiums Policy

How to Allow (or Not Allow) Employer-Sponsored Premium Reimbursement

1.  From your online administrator account, visit the "My Account" tab > "Account Settings" link.
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2.  Scroll down to the "Participant Permissions" section to locate current settings.  
3.  Check or uncheck "Allow Claims for Employer-Sponsored Premiums" and click "Save Changes".
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  • If you check the box (allow), employees will be allowed to submit a claim for an employer-sponsored health insurance premium.
  • If you do not check the box (disallow), participants cannot be reimbursed for any employer-sponsored premium (both pre-taxed or post-taxed) and any claims submitted for an employer-sponsored health insurance premium will not be approved. Participants who are impacted by this may wish to opt out of their spouse’s employer-sponsored plan and purchase their own individual policy.

NOTE: this is purely a claims feature. Restricting employer-sponsored premiums does NOT affect eligibility for enrollment.

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