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As your company begins to offer a Zane Plan, employees may have questions about how the benefit works and how to request reimbursement.  As the Plan Administrator, there are several resources at your fingertips to share with employees.

Online Help & Support Center

Zane Benefits offers numerous step-by-step tutorials, overviews and frequently asked questions (FAQs) online at  This is a great resource for you as Plan Administrator, and for Participants.  

Printed Information

Your online administrator account has several printable resources.  From the main menu (blue bar), go to "Forms & FAQs".  Available forms and how-to's:
  • Printed Claim Form:  Print and make available to employees who may not have internet access
  • Printed Claim Form for Recurring Health Insurance Claims (optional for Zane Plans reimbursing premiums):  Print and make available to employees who may not have internet access
  • How to Submit a Claim:  A printable tutorial for employees on how to submit claims 
  • Receipt Requirements:  A printable guide on receipt/documentation requirements
Forms Menu

Claims & Participant Support Team

If anyone in your organization has additional question about claims, how the benefit works, or regarding the online Participant account, our support team is available Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time.
  • Phone: 800.801.1716
  • Email:

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