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Once you have signed up for a Zane Plan, complete the online Setup Checklist Listed located on your Admin Dashboard (home page).

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  1. Confirm Account Settings: Visit My Account > Account Settings, confirm contact information and general plan options.
  2. Define Class Options: Visit The Plan > Class Options, outline your company's Class(es) that establish the participant eligibility criteria.
  3. Enroll New Participants: Visit the Add New Participant link located on the left-hand column of your admin account, to enroll participant(s) into the Class(es) you input.
  4. Save Plan Documents:Visit The Plan > Plan Documents, download and save all plan documents. The HRP Plan Document requires a signature before filing away; Zane Benefits does not need a copy returned.
  5. Get to Know our Help Center: Visit the link located on the left-hand column of your admin account, to checkout our resource library complete with step-by-step tutorials and FAQs.
  6. Complete ZaneHealth Setup: Check this box when the above 5 items have been completed and checked off. The Setup Checklist will disappear once all 6 items have been checked.

Note: User-added image indicates that you have likely completed the task, but have not yet checked it off the list. 

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