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Why was a claim rejected?

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If there is an issue with your claim, we will first contact you to try and resolve the issue. If your claim (reimbursement request) is rejected, we will send you an email explaining the reason.  

You can also log in to your Zane Benefits online account to view the specific reason. From the homepage, scroll down to "Rejected Claims" and click on the claim number.
View any rejected claims

A few common reasons claims are rejected:

  • Information entered on the claim form does not match the documentation
  • Expense is not eligible for reimbursement through your Zane Plan
  • Duplicate claim (the same expense was already approved for reimbursement)
  • Multiple persons were combined together (all claims must be submitted individually by person)
  • Dates of coverage were outside of your enrollment in your Zane Plan or exceeded time limits for submitting claims
  • Documentation (proof of payment and proof of coverage) was not received
  • Documentation was incomplete (and the issue was not resolved in 21 days)

You can always re-submit the claim

In many cases, claims are rejected because they were simply submitted incorrectly or because the documentation was incomplete, and we weren't able to reach you to resolve the issue.  

To submit a new claim, log in to your Zane Benefits online account at

Questions about your claim rejection?

We're here to help.  Contact our Claims Team at 800.801.1716 or

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