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What is ZaneHealth? 

ZaneHealth is a new health benefits program that gives you control over your health insurance. With ZaneHealth, your company gives you a monthly healthcare allowance to spend on health insurance.

How Does ZaneHealth Work? 

  • Choose an individual health plan. You select the plan that best fits your family’s needs. 
  • Submit a reimbursement request. Log in to your ZaneHealth Account at You can also submit claims via fax or mail. 
  • Receive reimbursement from your employer. Your employer uses ZaneHealth to reimburse you for your insurance premium.

The ZaneHealth Advantages

  • Choice. You choose the health plan that best fits your family’s needs. This includes the carrier, the coverage, and the doctors.
  • Flexibility. Keep the plan as long as you want. Or modify it to meet changing family medical needs.
  • Lower costs. Individual health plans cost 20-30% less than traditional group plans. Plus, new tax credits are available to many families.

Zane Benefits’ Role

Zane Benefits reviews all of your claims for reimbursement, keeping your medical information private from your employer and ensuring compliance with federal regulations. After a claim is approved for reimbursement, we notify your employer that a reimbursement is due.  Your employer issues the reimbursement to you. Everything is tracked real-time in your Zane Online Account at
How ZaneHealthWorks
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