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How to remove (terminate) a Participant from ZaneHealth

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As a Plan Administrator, you may need to remove an employee from your ZaneHealth plan when they are terminated (leave the company) or when they are no longer eligible for the benefit (such as a reduction in hours or a change in position). If you're unsure about what happens when you terminate a Participant from ZaneHealth, see "considerations" at the end of this article.

PLEASE NOTE: The type of health insurance employees obtain (ex: individual health insurance, spousal coverage, coverage under parents' policy, etc.), whether or not an employee currently has health insurance, and/or whether an employee actively utilizes the plan does NOT determine participation eligibility. Eligibility to participate is structured using employee classifications (classes) that are based on 1) bona-fide job criteria (job titles, full-time/part-time status, etc.) and 2) waiting periods for new hires set by your company.

See: Employee Eligibility for Defined Contribution Health Plans


To remove (terminate) a Participant from your ZaneHealth plan:

1. From your Admin Dashboard (Home page), select the check next to Participant's name​ 
2. Select the User-added image button, then "Terminate (PARTICIPANT)"


User-added image

3. Enter the last date the Participant was employed (or eligible) and click “Terminate Participant”.

User-added image


Terminated employees be shown under the Participants tab > View Terminated Participants.

When removing (terminating) an employee from your comapny's ZaneHealth plan, please keep the following in mind:
  • Once terminated, the Participant will have a 90 day run-out period to submit for qualified medical expenses incurred prior to their termination date (and following other timing submission rules).
  • During the 90 day run-out period, monthly administration fees apply.
  • If the termination date was entered for a previous month, the Participant’s allowance may have been given incorrectly. For example: the employee leaves your company in July, but you do not record them as terminated from ZaneHealth until mid-August... after they received August's allowance amount. In this case, an allowance correction will be required to reduce the ZaneHealth Balance to the correct amount (to remove the August allowance amount).
    To correct this, see: FAQ: How do I change the balance for an employee? or contact Zane Benefits for assistance.



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