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How to record reimbursements for payroll

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Planning for Reimbursements on Payroll

Before you record your first reimbursement batch, you will create a payroll line item for your reimbursements. The reimbursement line item will be classified as a non-taxed business expense reimbursement.  For detailed instructions on this see: How to set up reimbursements on payroll.

1. Log in to your online administrative account

Go to  Log in with your username and password.  

2. Click Reimburse Batch - Payroll

Under Quick Links (left side of the home screen), select "Reimburse Batch - Payroll".  This will bring you to the batch reimbursement page.

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a) All Participants with reimbursements due will show, with the approved amounts.  Un-select any participants as desired.
b) Under “Reimbursement Method” edit the date to the day employees are paid.  Include any optional notes. 
c) Click "Record Reimbursement Batch".
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You have now recorded the reimbursements in the Zane system.  On the next page you may download the reimbursement batch data (Excel or XML file) to forward on to your payroll rep, if needed. ​​​​
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But wait! You’re not done yet...


3. Enter reimbursements in your payroll system to transfer funds

Now, you need to enter the reimbursements in your payroll system to transfer funds.  How you do this will depend on how you run payroll.  Some common ways are:
  • Enter the amounts online when you are entering other information (hours, etc)
  • Forward the reimbursement report to your payroll representative
  • Manually record the reimbursements amounts into the reimbursement line item


We are here to help.  Please contact our Support Team at 800-391-9209 x1 or

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