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How the reimbursement process works (for participants)

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This article is an overview for Participants about how the reimbursement process works. 
Reimbursement Process

With your Zane plan, reimbursements come directly from your employer, and are fully funded by your employer.  

Common ways for a company to reimburse employees are through payroll (adding it to your paycheck) or by a separate check.  

Submit a Claim

In order to receive reimbursement, you must first submit a claim (reimbursement request) to Zane Benefits showing proof of your expense.

Zane Benefits Processes Claim

Once your claim is approved by Zane, we notify your employer that a reimbursement is due.

Your Employer Reimburses You Directly

Your employer will reimburse you for your expense, up to the amount you have available to you in your balance.


For questions about how you will be reimbursed, or the frequency of reimbursements, contact your company's Plan Administrator.
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