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How to submit a recurring claim for health insurance premiums

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This article is intended for Participants with access to the recurring claim feature for health insurance premium claims.  Follow these instructions to add a recurring claim through your Zane Benefits online account.

1.  Log in to your Zane Benefits online account

Go to and log in with your username and password.

2. Submit a claim

From the main menu (blue bar), click on "Submit Claims."
Submit Claim

3.  Complete the claim form

Fill out the claim form with your health insurance premium information:
  1. Date of Coverage: The first one-month period
  2. Type of Expense: Health Insurance Premium
  3. Recipient of Service:  The primary name on the policy
  4. Provider Name:  Insurance carrier
  5. Amount:  Amount of the premium (usually monthly)
  6. Documentation:  Select how you intend to provide the required documentation to Zane Benefits. 
  7. Make the claim recurring:  In the grey box at the bottom,  check the box “Submit as a Recurring Claim”
  8. Choose the frequency (usually monthly) 
  9. As appropriate, replace an existing policy
  10. Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit for Approval”
User-added image

Approve Claim

4.  Provide the required documentation to substantiate your claim

In order for your claim to be approved, you must supply the required documentation for health insurance claims. You may provide the required documents by either: 1) uploading documents online ("Attach It Now" option) or 2) faxing documents ("Fax It" option). 

How to fax or email a recurring claim form

Alternatively, request a printed Recurring Claim Form from your company's Plan Administrator and fax or email us the form with documentation.
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