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How to submit a claim

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This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to submit claims for reimbursement. A claim with Zane Benefits is simply your request for reimbursement.

To submit a claim for reimbursement, you will fill out and sign a claim form (electronically or written) and send documentation verifying the expense.  There are four ways to submit a claim to Zane Benefits:

1. Online (fastest approval time)

Submit Claim Menu
  • Complete the online claim form 

    User-added image
  • Under "Documentation" choose one of the 3 options:
  1. “Attach It Now (Scanned)”:  Once selected, three “Attach Documentation” boxes will appear below.  Click “Browse,” locate the file on your computer and “open”.  Attach up to three (3) supporting documents per claim. 
  2. “Fax It” *
  3. “Mail It” *
Note: You may have the option to select "Previously Used Documentation". For more information on these options, see:  FAQ: What is "reusable documentation" for health insurance claims?
  • Scroll to bottom and click "Submit for Approval"
    Submit for Approval
* If you chose to fax or mail your documentation, you will be prompted to print a customized cover sheet after you submit the claim.  Print the cover sheet.  Fax or mail it with your documentation to Zane Benefits.  

2. Fax

  • Obtain a printed Zane Benefits Claim Submission Form and fax cover sheet from your employer
  • Fill out and sign the Claim Submission Form
  • Fax the Claim Submission Form and required supporting documentation, with the cover sheet, to Zane Benefits at 800.801.0787

3. Email

  • Obtain a printed Zane Benefits Claim Submission Form and fax cover sheet from your employer
  • Fill out and sign the Claim Submission Form
  • Scan the form & required supporting documentation
  • Email scanned documents to

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